10 Lucky Dreams Which Makes You Rich

Lucky Dreams Gives You Money

If you see below 10 lucky dreams in your sleep you will become a millionaire :) 

dreams can make you millionaire

Over the centuries these ten dreams have been considered as a sign of wealth gain. If you also see below dreams in your sleep, then you will soon get the money. So let's see what these 10 Lucky dreams are.

Dreams about Ring, Building, Lotus, Melon, Beggar, Parrot, Weighing-Scale, Playing Cards, Sweets, and Church are auspicious and gives you good news and money. 

  1. Seeing yourself wearing the ring in dream.  This is clear indication that you will get sudden gain of wealth soon. 
  2. Seeing making of building or house. There are strong chances that you will get good news soon for which you are waiting for long period of time. 
  3. See lotus flower in your dream. There are strong chances that you will get promotion soon in your company or your business growth will increase soon. 
  4. Seeing melon gives wealth but if watermelon is seen then trouble will come.
  5. Looking at beggar or giving money to beggar in your dream means happiness prosperity is going to increase. 
  6. Seeing parrot in your dream will increase your wealth and give you name and fame.
  7. Viewing the weighing scales gives benefits in business.  This is a indication of growth in business.
  8. By looking at playing cards, there is a lot of progress and profit in the business.  
  9. Seeing sweets of different colors in dreams indicates happiness and easy money through speculative business.
  10. Seeing you are going to church in dream indicates your wish will fulfill soon.  
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